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This program is no longer actively developed. I respond to bug reports and questions primarily to support existing users, but I recommend new users use the aplay and arecord programs available in the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture utilities package.

rawrec and rawplay are GPL'd utilities designed to provide the user with a simple way of recording or playing raw audio data from or to their sound card under intel Linux (I havn't tested other architectures, but its written to be portable, I think). Spiffy features include:

For more details take a look at the man page.


The latest stable source can be downloaded from here.

You can view the ChangeLog for the latest version.

Unfortunately, the package in debian stable is fatally broken at the moment. Don't use it.

You'll also want:

If you find a bug

If you find a bug or want to contact me for any other good reason, you are welcome to email me.

rawrec/rawplay is copyright Britton Leo Kerin.
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